2014 Icsid Interdesign Mumbai : Humanising a Metropolis - February 5-19

  • 2014 Icsid Interdesign Mumbai

    Humanising a Metropolis

  • About the Interdesign

    The 2014 workshop Mumbai (India) will mark the 47th Icsid Interdesign and will focus on addressing some of the developmental challenges under the overarching theme of ʻHumanising a Metropolisʼ. Participants can expect to work towards a greater understanding of the city's challenges in an attempt to find lasting and implementable solutions.

    The design is incorporated with iwebmind web design & solutions company.

    The Logo is an adaptation of the ʻflip sideʼ of the Indian peacock feather. Customarily grey in colour, this adapted feather aims to depict the brighter side of humanisation with the metropolis.

  • Weschool

    Welingkar or WeSchool is listed among the top 15 B-Schools from among 4000+ B-Schools in India. Weschool runs several pioneering MBA programs such as the PGDM Business Design, the PGDM e-Business, the PGDM HealthCare management, flagship PGDM, Exec PGDM programs.Apart from core management pedagogy, Weschool has Design and Design Thinking as the common thread woven into academics.

  • Icsid

    Icsid : Founded in 1957, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) is a non-profit, international, non-governmental organisation (INGO) that protects and promotes the profession of industrial design. With members in over 50 nations worldwide, the organisation undertakes a number of initiatives of global appeal to support the effectiveness of industrial design as a tool to address the needs of people around the world, to improve quality of life, as well as help to improve the economy of nations.